Ultimate guide to withdraw money using the ATM


Withdrawing using the ATM is not a new thing but several people dont know how to withdraw money using the ATM machine and some dont know what is ATM. let me start by defining ATM.

ATM is Automated Teller Machine. Whenever you are using ATM you can access your bank account any where you are. I know may dont know how to use the ATM thats why i desided to write a post on how to withdraw money using ATM.

These are guilde on how to withdraw using ATM.

1) Check for any ATM that accept your ATM card. When you see the ATM that accept your card then, insert your card.

2) When inserting your card make sure the chip is facing upwards.

3) After inserting your card you will be instructed to enter your 4 (four) digit pin.

4) You be asked to chose the account you are using, is either Current or Savings

5) Click on the amount you want to withdraw, whe you dont see the amount you want to withdraw click on others and enter the amount you want to withdraw.-

6) Click on yes to confirm your amount.

7) Take your money and Click on yes to end your transaction

9) After all transaction your card will be ejected from the machine, dont for get to take an slip.

Enjoy your self...
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Thats great
u have really helped me

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This guide has helped me a lot because previously I fall victim of buying not registered sim card even after they say that they have registered it.
Thank you for this post•••

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